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Christel Merckx

Fun, entertaining and informative tours

Christel Merckx Certified Guide

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Christel. I’m a Leuven local and a full-time professional guide.
I would love to share with you the passion and enthusiasm I have towards my town.

Would you like to learn more about the highlights of Leuven? Or do you prefer to discover the city’s hidden gems? Or learn everything about one of the oldest universities of the world? 

Whatever your interest is or whatever you want to learn about Leuven, I guarantee you a fun, entertaining and informative tour.

I conduct tours on foot or by bike and if you wish I can organize a drink, snack or a meal during my tours.

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Guided visits to Leuven

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Ludiek-Leuven-Close-Up Stadhuis

Highlights of Leuven

Experience and enjoy what Leuven has to offer.
This is an informative and fun tour and offers something for everyone.
Not to miss!

Leuven At Fundum Fonske

Leuven Ad Fundum

Everything you need to know about the university and daily life of the students now and in the past.

Terug in de tijd met een Begijn Groot Begijnhof

The Great Beguinage

Learn everything about the beguins, the first feminist women, and discover this beautiful World Heritage site protected by Unesco.

Leuven Martelaarstad 1914

Leuven, Martyr City

Leuven has suffered a lot at the start and during the first World War.
Discover what happened in Leuven during this war and how Leuven recovered.

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Some testimonials

  • With my group “On Invitation Only” I experienced two fantastic tours in Leuven under the expert guidance of Christel: this is how a guide should be: clearly understandable, involving his audience in the subject matter, regularly with an anecdote! Christel has all this in abundance! Top!!!

  • Dear Christel,
    we would like to thank you for
    the wonderful tour yesterday

    Gea & Filip
  • The walk was very pleasant,
    as was Christel, our guide.

    She adapted perfectly to our pace and all her explanations were very interesting.
    We really enjoyed it. Congratulations to her from all of us.

  • Good morning, Madam,

    On behalf of the Enéo participants in this morning’s visit, I would like to thank you for this very pleasant and interesting tour; everyone is very satisfied.

    Eneo Louvain La Neuve

What can you expect?

Time: Tours last an average of two hours.

Pricing: The price starts from 10 euros per person with a minimum of 100 euros.

More questions?
Please contact me by e-mail or mobile phone.

I’m already looking forward to meeting you!